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How much insulation can I fit in my vehicle at once?

I swear I can't find anything on the size of packages of insulation, just the size of the unpacked and installed insulation. If anyone has any way of saying whether I can plausibly take what I'm planning to buy in one trip I'd really appreciate it.

First, what I am hauling with: I'll be using a Chrysler Pacifica, I'll have the third row (folded flat) and front passenger seats available for cargo, I might fit something between the second row seats where I'll have a 3 year old and 5 year old seated. Behind the Pacifica, I tow a 6'x8' open trailer.

My order: 8 bags of R-19 faced 24" batts, 10 bags of R-30 unfaced batts and 6 rolls of R-13 faced 15" wide insulation.

For what it's worth, I'm leveraging sales at Lowes - my purchase will get me back 25% of my purchase in rebate, plus I get 10% off with their charge card.

I'm not at the point in the project I need the insulation, but I need to get it tommorrow and this weekend I've had the kids while the wife is off doing a marathon, and today I had to herd them through their favorite department to open cabinets and doors in - the kitchen area. I bought cabinets, and herding 2 preschoolers who don't want to stop looking at stuff while trying to push 2 carts to the check-out is... An experience!

I'm guessing I can fit the 6 rolls into the car and the rest will fit standing on end in the trailer, am I that far off or am I going to have to put myself through waiting at customer service to get the second half of the order brought out from in back while 2 kids are complaining about the absence of candy at the checkouts?


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I'm thinking 2 trips unless you lay the bales down on the trailer, stack them really high and tie them down well.


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Will you be in the vehicle as well? Why are you insulating your vehicle?
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Why don't you just have it delivered? Isn't your time and aggravation worth a lot more than about $35?
Mike Hawkins
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Suburbanites, haha. It's hilarious.

You'll get it done. Don't worry. The store employees are used to those situations.
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If this is a big box store, ou can rent one of their trucks for less then $30.00 for an hour. And no insulation for the tykes to breathe in. Those bags will leak fiberglass.
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Well, actually the open truck they have at Lowes wouldn't have much more capacity than my trailer.. HD has the enclosed van which would carry all of it in one trip, but nowhere to put the kids. Delivery is it's own problems, aside from the $50 they charge which I can put to use on other materials, I would have a hard time scheduling being there... Which in this season means materials might be left out in the rain. It's a 2 mile trip, and the kids picked out Christmas decorations so they were happy.

It probably would've been 1 trip if I tied it down, I did it in 2 trips because each trip was a full cart. I probably had half the trailer empty on the second trip.


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