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How long to wait for concrete to cure?

My basement slab was just repoured (after being removed and a perimeter drainage system was added), and I have a few questions:

1. Should I cover it with plastic and mist it twice daily?

2. How long should I wait before putting down 1" sheet foam, tape the seams, and then seal it to the wall with spray foam? I then plan on putting plywood down, and then tapconing it to the floor, then build my interior walls (i.e., the Mike Holmes method: ).

The concrete slab is up to 8" thick in some parts, but is mainly 4" thick in most parts. There is a 15-20 mil vapor barrier between the earth/aggregate and the concrete.

My contractor told me to mist it daily, but he didn't know about how to do it when the sheet foam was added to the mix.

Any advice is appreciated.



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Is this exposed?

Typically, your going to be at a majority of your strength in 7 days....28 days for full strength.....

The plastic and misting just slows down the drying so as to reduce minor cracking.....if expansion joints were properly should not have any significant cracking.

Remember....ALL concrete cracks....some just take longer than others....some cracks more than others.

I would cover with plastic....and keep it can tell by the color...dark gray is damp....light gray is dry......chances are with plastic down, the center will stay damp....just wet down the edges...they dry first. You basically want the whole thing to dry at the same rate.

I would wait a week after you pull up the plastic before you put down the will tend to hold in the don't want excessive moisture down there...

So.....cover for a week....then expose it for a week to allow for more drying....then go for it.

Concrete does not like to be rushed. AMHIK
I would wait at least a week before drilling any holes....


Even if you are on the right track, you will still get run over if you just sit there.

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Exposed response

The basement has three 33" x 12" windows, which are open, and a five foot by five foot opening in one wall that was being used to bring materials in/out.

So, it is partially exposed to the outside.

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misting is always a good thing, helps the concrete to slow cure and to develop its strength and helps to prevent spider cracks (small cracks in various directions). as ddawg said 7 days is normal for curing the concrete.

good luck!

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Basements are generally damp enough this time of year, and the earth should be relatively cold, so I wouldn't worry too much in your case, especially considering you'll be drilling a ton of holes, gluing on it, and covering it anyways. A typical basement floor does little more than provide a hard sweepable surface and protect the vapor barrier from damage, it doesn't need to achieve a high compressive strength.........
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No plastic over it to dry, not cure:

4 weeks, with foam and depending on the finish floor covering, Fig. #4;

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Originally Posted by GBR in WA View Post
No plastic over it to dry, not cure:

4 weeks, with foam and depending on the finish floor covering, Fig. #4;


You only need to cover the concrete with plastic and mist it if it was poured outdoors on the hottest days of summer. This is an indoor slab so no plastic is required.

Let it cure the full 28 days before covering it with anything else.


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