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valley boy 11-10-2009 08:05 AM

How to insulate a cold room
I have a cold room that is attached to a bedroom in the basement. The cold room is under the front porch (cement). The ceiling in the cold room looks like it has an older styrofoam ceiling. I have two sump pumps in that area at one end. I am worried about the sump pumps freezing up if I block in the internal air coming from the bedroom with a sealed insulated door and closing off the damper in the cold room for the winter. Should I isolate the area where the pumps are, and possibly heat or insulate the whole cold room walls and wrap the sump pump drain pipes going out to the street underground with a heat wrap?

I need ideas. Thanks

ccarlisle 11-10-2009 09:50 AM

No, it's called a "cold" room for a reason...don't turn it into a warm room by insulating the walls - that will lead to mould. What a cold room nneds however is ventilation so open the vent you have there during the summer and close it during the winter.

How often do your sump pumps run? It shouldn't get that cold down there to the point where (moving) water freezes as it's partially buried in the earth anyway.

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