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cloudkicker101 04-12-2006 03:30 PM

How to get a rough quote on a basement??
Ok i wrote the last thread asking about a rough price and was told to go get a quote from a professional. How do you get a quote if they wont give me one. See I talked to 5 people so far on the phone and they only do on site quotes. See I dont have a site yet. I have to bounce a lot of large figures on paper to make sure I can afford it. I have one guys web site that i called and tried to talk to but they told me its on site with plans or nothing. Wouldnt even give a ball park figure I am a carpenter by trade and plan to do the rough and finish myself along with the electrical and plumbing and gas. I have the plans all drawn up right now with all the prices for the floor and roof trusses along with all the other material needed to build. The 2 Things I havent gotten even a ball park quote on is the basement and 2 I-Beams. So the basement is the last thing on the list and I dont know why it is so hard to find a quote on a basement. So what I need to know is how the heck do i get a quote when they wont give it to me. Im in Michigan north of Detroit does anyone knwo anyone that gives quotes out? Im stuck cause on one hand if i buy the land then the basement cost to much im stuck with the land. Dont knwo if anyone understand what im talking about anymore?? lol. Well let me knwo what your thoughts are guys on this issue.

tgeb 04-12-2006 05:37 PM

Do you do any work for GC's that might let you in on what they are paying for walls?

Most of the GC's I do work for would be willing to meet with me at their office and run through a project or two to get a general idea about costs.


cloudkicker101 04-16-2006 03:53 PM

I wish I could say I knew someone but I dont. I do tons of of addittions new houses, but never get to see or talk to some of the guys that do the basements. I did however take some time and call some major establishments in Michigan and as i said before unless I either give that person the job or have plans and the land with the hole already dug to get quote. I recently got my builders lisence and been asking alot of ?s such as this, so that I may be able to start my buisness, but no one seems to give actual answers they kind of toss me to someone else who also doesnt know or want to give the info away needed. I almost wonder if construction is giong to be like the machining industry where we sent all the machining overseas and what is left here is a cut throat buisness. Its getting close to being the same kind of buisness due to the immagrants coming in and taking the jobs (Albicon). Starting to wonder what there is left to do for work. Finding a simple quote for a basement isnt easy. I still dont understand why compainies wont even give out a rough number, how do they make money, and how do they stay in buisness?? I might be out of my mind but arent they suppose to be as helpful as possible to giving you some kind of number for a basement?

tgeb 04-16-2006 05:50 PM

Well the problems started when someone would walk up to the foundation contractor and say "hows about givin' me a rough estimate on this here foundation." and the foundation contractor says "Oh I'd says about $65/foot plain old 8X16 footing 8" wall."

And then the someone asking says "Great, I wants you to do dis here job for me." And then when the job has a 4 foot brick ledge, 10" walls, 5 beam pockets, 4 pier footings and 55' frost footing, and the cost is $150/foot.

All of a sudden the guy asking says, "hey man you're rippin' me off, you said $65/foot what's up, I'm not paying this it's outrageous."

This ends up creating hard feelings between both parties, due to this type of circumstance most contractors will not pitch out pricing without some firm and solid, not theoretical information.
If they have been in the trade very long they know the bite that comes on the end of giving out pricing without set plans or specs.

The only thing I can think of for you, Cloud is to seriuosly sit down with the OWNER of a foundation company, or masonry contractor, it does not have to be poured concrete does it? seek out the small contractor and discuss with them your situation.

If they will not talk to you move on to the next, someone will be interested in new work and be willing to help you price this phase of the work. Every GC works on a budget system you just need to know what you need to allocate to each phase.

I could send you a quote from a foundation contractor here, but it would do you no good, due to regional differences in pricing.

It's a lot of leg work, but that's how it's done.:)


Let me know if I can help you further.

P.S. Tell them you're putting it out for bid and send a plan to 2 or 3 outfits. This should in no way obligate you to anyone. If it is too much so be it, if one of the bids is workable, go for it.

crecore 04-18-2006 11:48 AM

To do a quote right requires some specs from you. If it were in writing and nailed down and you changed the specs. the quoter would not have to stick to it... quotes are usually only good for 90 days, many times 30. Excavating and footings can vary greatly with the site. If you already have some type of plans and you quote the excavating separately someone should be able to give you a quote based on footage and assuming certain things. It's also the busy time of year and knowing you dont have the site means they are quoting something they either wont get or will have to do over... so it's not that they wont, it's just that it's at the bottom of the priority list. These are the types of things you need to do in December/ January.
good luck

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