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stever 09-25-2005 04:33 PM

How to get out of this mess
Hi all,
I just joined this forum and need some advise. I bought a manufactured home from an out of state wholesaler. I did the grading and foundation as well as all utillities through the stem wall. The wholesaler hired a local contractor to set the units and raise the roof (4 in 12 hinged), and complete all the finish work. The units are joined and the piers all in place but the roof ridge is still exposed to weather and the other trim and close up work looks like it was done by a 3 year old. In addition the workers have smoked inside the home and put the butts out on the subfloor. They have used all the toilets in the house and not even flushed them. They have cooked in the micro wave and stored food in the refrigerator. I have called the wholesaler every week for the past 3 months and followed up with email and certified letters. I have demanded the contractor be fired but to no avail. I have spoken directly to the CEO and sent pictures of every allegation and still no action. We are expecting rain soon. What can I do?

jproffer 09-25-2005 09:36 PM

Assuming you've documented all the problems and attempts to contact, I would suggest you hire a lawyer familiar with construction law/codes in YOUR area. The reason not many will bite on this is because we don't know what avenues are available to you in YOUR area.

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