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athenshome 06-10-2010 11:02 AM

I just pulled up some old carpet in my living room to replace with tile, and noticed that I have a floor joist that has risen and caused a crackline in the subfloor. It is not a bad spot and was not even noticable when the carpet was down, but I'm concerned that the tiles along this ridge will not settle correctly.

How do I go about fixing a raised floor joist? I'm more use to a sagging joist where all you need to do is add a lift jack in the crawl space, but have not delt with a joist board that has risen.

Any and all advise will be very much appreciated!! Thanks in advance!

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kwikfishron 06-10-2010 11:34 AM

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Just cut the bump out.

Scuba_Dave 06-10-2010 11:58 AM

Is there a basement below ?
Is the house sitting on piers ?
I'd be more concerned that whatever is causing this will continue

An older house we looked at had the same issue - but worse
It was a post in the basement that was being forced up

athenshome 06-10-2010 12:26 PM

The foundation is a crawl space and is a standard floor system. I have not gone down and check this area yet, but I believe it should be accessible. The house was built in 1969.

Any advice on how to determine what is causing this rise?

oh'mike 06-10-2010 02:06 PM

If it is just a bowed joist--Do as Kwikfishron suggested--open the subfloor to expose the joist and flatten it out with a skillsaw or power plane.

If something is pushing it up--post a picture.

Gary in WA 06-10-2010 08:41 PM

You do know to add underlayment for tile over your subfloor............. Could be a high crown, if the only one next to normal ones. Use a straight-edge or level to determine the problem, get back to us for the solution.......

Be safe, Gary

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