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bob22 12-16-2010 04:57 PM

How to finish closet ceiling in garage space
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Long post warning!
Due to a frozen pipe, I was in my mom's garage's attic (abuts her house, shares a common wall). In drawing (just learning google sketch), there is an inside closet that intrudes into the garage. Thick black line is garage ceiling plane. That closet has a heating duct running in it; the ceiling of the closet is drywalled beneath the duct space. In the garage ceiling, the space above the duct space was only "sealed" with faced insulation. I think it should be for fire protection (no way to stop fire from entering duct space from attic space) and to reduce air infiltration (This is what caused frozen pipe: there were 6 of the 2nd floor joist bays open to the garage attic space, one of which had the pipes in them).

So, my question: What should I install from the garage attic space between the joists that lie above this duct chase? I can't install from below unless I rip out the closet ceiling but then I'd have the duct work to contend with.

One limitation: I've about a 2' x 2' ceiling hole to access the garage attic.

Should I cut drywall to fit between the joists (whole space to cover is 36" x 62")? I'm a bit concerned about drywall sagging since I can't install it to the bottom edge of the joists; I thought about running a 1 x 3" flat alongside joists to support drywall edges. Agree?

When done, I'll spray foam gaps where drywall hits joists with fireblock foam and then insulate with fiberglass batts.

Any thoughts?


bob22 12-17-2010 05:30 AM

My main question: Do I need to have fire-rated covering over this space and if so, what would be best to use? If drywall, what kind/thickness; if I could use plywood or OSB, same question, type/thickness?

starkenwolf 12-18-2010 02:10 AM

5/8" drywall twice....yep 2 layers meets fire code.

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