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SkyCloud 07-18-2008 05:47 PM

How do I get bids for Concrete Driveway?
I live in an old 2-bedroom house. It has a dirt driveway. I want to hire a pro/semi-pro to pour a concrete driveway. How do I do this? How does bidding work? Should I hire someone off of Craig'sList? What qualifications should I check for, etc? Thanks. Danny.

concretemasonry 07-18-2008 09:59 PM

First choice - Find someone that has had a driveway poured and is happy with it and contact the contractor.

Second choice - Call a good local ready-mix supplier and ask for a list of contractors that do that type of work. They will only suggest reputable contractors. They do not need the hassles with sub-par conractors and the problems for a couple of yards of concrete.

Third choice - Look in the local newspaper-like publications for your area that have local ads. Quality unknown.

Last resort - Craigs list. You will get the cheapest price there, but really have no guarantee about reliabilty, quality or meaningful guarantees.


SkyCloud 07-19-2008 03:07 AM

Thanks for those great leads. It's great to hear a voice of experience.

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