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catburke 09-20-2010 02:39 PM

How to add a dividing fence to chain link fence and house with siding
HI. I have a chain link fence around my backyard, in which we keep two dogs. They are are in one side of the fenced yard, divided from the other side with the shed, above ground pool, etc on the other side. The dividing fence is just 4 foot high metal grid fencing with 2- 1/2 inch approx rectangular openings. Not quite as heavy guage as the chain link, but it worked for years with our old dog. One new dog goes over the fence every time we put her in there. It took her a year to start this, but the problem is that on the end by the house, there is about a 6 inch lip of concrete about 6 inches down, so the T posts we used will not go down any deeper than that, unless I leave a gap of 6 inches between the fence and the wall. We have tried using the leftover roll which is wide enough to cover the gap, staked it into the ground with aluminum ties, but the dog just used that for a springboard over the fence. We have attached electric wire to this setup. It worked for one dog (shorthair) and the long hair one just kept going over the fence, ignoring it or unaffected. I am thinking about putting in some lag bolt anchors through the siding to attach the fence to the wall, thus getting rid of the 'roll platform' and leaving the electric fence all the way up to the end. ANd maybe shaving the dog for long enough for her to learn....

Does this sound feasible, or can anyone think of another way to solve this? I just got the dogs fixed, they have to be out of my house in 4 more days, and I need to be able to keep them in the fence when they are healed.

joecaption 10-10-2013 01:33 AM

Posting a picture so we can see what's there now is always a big help.

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