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As I stated before, your venting is not the problem for the living space, it is keeping the house tight during the day, without Central Air, there is nothing you can do about the house getting hot during the day, when it is already warm all night, even with the windows open. Building materials like Gypsum board, plastics, furniture, flooring will hold in the heat, and in turn radiate that heat out.

You really need to invest in either a heat pump, or air conditioner unit to help keep that house cool at around 74 or 75 while away, and maybe 72 or 73 while home.


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Seems like the sun is adding a lot of that heat to your house. Good attic ventilation and insulation should help. I bet you are getting a lot of sun in through those windows. (I checked the temperature of my patio door glass on a sunny day once, and the glass was at 120 degrees F) Exterior awnings would block the solar heat gain through the windows. I notice you have two heat registers in the MBR, but no cold air returns. If you keep the MBR door closed in the winter, you are going to have a harder time heating it. ----> think about it - if you want a hundred cubic feet of warm furnace air to enter your bedroom, you need to have a hundred cubic feet of ambient bedroom air travel into the cold air return.
Do you open the windows at night? I would think you should have pretty good cross ventilation with all those windows on both sides.
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Originally Posted by brockmiera View Post
I was going to open up a small section of wall to see what insulation is in there. Its a brick ranch so I'm wondering if there is any insulation at all in there.
Is it brick all the way around or just the front? Gary B is probably right. You have a heat sink, just like I do. Ranch house red brick front. I have continuous soffit ventilation, Continuous ridge ventilation, Vents in gable ends, and a four speed whole house fan. It is my opinion that you can't get enough ventilation in the attic, and I don't buy deleting your gable end vents if you have them.

Soffit vents get clogged with airborne crap fast. The pollen and atmospheric dirt you see on your car also gets into your soffit vents.

Ive heard the rhetoric about hot spots and cold spots being developed by leaving gable end vents when you add soffit and ridge vents, and I guarantee that none of the guys that wrote that stuff were ever in an attic in the summer time. The whole damn attic is like Hell. The more ventilation, the merrier.

OHHHHH look! here it is 155 degrees, and right over there it is 165 degrees, thats a hot spot. See, now we can sell our super duper ridge vent, and prove it eliminates hot spots!!!

Joe? Joe? Wake up Joe! Ah crap, he dropped dead from heat prostration!
" Most people would rather die than think, and most do " Bertrand Russell

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Nice house! Is the inside in as good shape as the outside?

I once had a house very similar to yours, except it was 3br and no garage. I'd almost bet underneath that nice brick, the walls are made of cement block.


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