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fouldsc 03-30-2005 04:49 AM

Hollow Wall Anchor Setting Tool - HELP !
I've just about to move into a new house and on the advice on builders have bought some hollow wall anchors to fix heavier items to the walls.
I also bought the Hollow Wall Anchor Setting Tool.

Thing is it came with no instructions and I have NO idea on how to use it - help !!!!


MgMopar 08-04-2005 06:25 PM

Various types of setting tools. So it is hard to describe how yours will actually function. Basically they pull the inside nut part of the anchor tight to expand the anchor in place. The same thing can normally be done with tightening of the anchor screw after the anchor is in put in place this expands it and "sets" it.

hope I was of some help. Is their a manufactures name? they may have detailed instructions on a web site or something.

Good Luck

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