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viggen 06-06-2011 04:03 AM

Hole in concrete basement wall...
About 11 years ago, I bought a supposedly brand new townhome from Stanley Martin. Just couple of months ago, we had water problem in the basement, the water seaped through the concrete wall behind the finished interior wall, but never routed into the sumpump even in heavy rains. Suddenly, one day, I felt the water soaked carpet inside the room. Needless to say that the drainage under the floor was all clogged with mud, causing the water to spread under the concrete, and surfaced through the cracks in the concrete floor. So we had to have a foot and a half wide channel dug inside the wall, reinstall an improved drainage pipe, a new self cleaning sump pump, etc. During this process when the people removed the insulation from the laundry room, we found a gaping hole hidden behind the aluminum foil insulation, as big as over a foot. I could see the outside dirt through it. What kept it dry and undetected was the fact that the outside of this hole was under the concrete patio. Stanley Martin had done several such miracles in the house, some we found and had repaired, but never knew about this one. Now we need to have this repaired. Can somebody give me some idea as to how to fix this hole? Thanx.

stadry 06-06-2011 08:32 AM

fwiw, water intrusion claims are only addressed during the 1st year of anyone's homeowner warranty to the best of my knowledge :no: w/o seeing any pictures of the hole, how to determine a successful repair method ?,,, at least you have a concrete bsmt wall which is easier to repair than block,,, what did your sump pump people suggest OR did you use a plumber ? hope you used a soil filter fabric & cleanouts for proper drainage system maintenance

hydraulic may have stopped the leak in THAT particular location but its still building up outside - you just can't 'see' it,,, wait,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:yes:

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