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Katiek 03-27-2008 07:08 PM

Hiring a Handyman
So I am in need of a Handyman in MN, what exactly are they ALLOWED to do ?


Tscarborough 03-27-2008 08:53 PM

A handyman is someone who knows a little about a lot, but not enough about anything to excell in a given field. With many exceptions, of course.

Check references, licenses, and insurance, and if any of this trio is lacking, move on.

Katiek 03-27-2008 10:49 PM

Ok my question is this then, can I hire a handyman for my electrical and plumbing needs as well as say hanging a picture. I know that he/she will not be a master of them all but I want to know what he/she is allowed to do for me. For instance can they install a bathroom fan (probably) and be within the laws governing that especially as I do not know all the laws.


Tscarborough 03-28-2008 08:16 AM

That depends upon your location.

kgphoto 04-01-2008 11:49 AM

So call your building department and ask them what is required for the types of projects you are thinking of, in terms of permits, inspections, qualifications of workers, licenses, etc.

Katiek 04-02-2008 02:12 PM

Thanks I will do that


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