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buzzyng 06-21-2006 11:57 AM

Hip roof extension
I have a 20x20 workshop that I want to add a covered area out front to work under - hip roof exentension off the front. The roof is 6/12 pitch and gable style. I built the shop myself but don't know anything about framing for hip. So, how much would you estimate it would cost to have someone frame it or how hard would it be to get some direction on doing it myself.


IHI 06-22-2006 07:10 AM

Trying to give info on hand framing would be tough over the net, and even if explained in depth it would still be different per say once you start framing your project since there will be some variables to deal with like any project of this magnatude. There is plenty of reading on the net if you do some research, but like I said you can read all you want but actually doing it is a totally different beast. We run into a few hips a yr and to be honest it takes me a few minutes to get back into the mind set of what I'm doing lol since they're easy to screw up.

One option that may be of great help is to just order hip trusses for your project, then it's literally as simple as setting standard trusses since they come pre-made to fit and even tieing into the existing roof is a breeze since it's just a matter of setting the smaller triangle trusses in place.

As far as hiring, it's hard for anybody to say since pricing will be region specific and crew specific. You could ask 2 guys in the same area and get 2 different prices since overhead and profit margins will be different for both entites. Easiest way is just to talk with some freinds and get a few names of contractors they've had luck with and calol for estimates. Then you can price out hip trusses yourself and weigh all the options to make the big descion.

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