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Help with Swing out door into Breezeway/garage Brick wall!

I need install a door from house to attached breezeway which also has attached garage. The breezeway/garage were added on long after brick house was built. The door needs to swing into the breezeway.

The door on there now, which is a cheap 28" interior door, is installed completely wrong.

Rough opening on the inside of house side (drywall side) of wall measures 30" W by about 83" H between studs. The brick side of the wall, which is the side in the breezeway has a rough opening of 33 1/2" W X 83"H brick to brick. It looks likes when they made the opening in the brick, they made the width 4 bricks wide even and 32 bricks high even. Overall wall thickness is about 9 1/2".

What are my options as far as buying and installing a door and keeping the cost of the door reasonable? I don't want to get into enlarging the brick opening.

I would guess that I need a fire rated door here because of the attached garage. As a side note and possible option...The opposite wall where the breezeway attaches to garage does have a door opening but no door. Would one option be install a fire rated door between garage and breezeway along with fire rated drywall there? I was planning on putting up drywall in breezway anyways. Technically isn't the breezeway considered an interior space that is separate from garage.

But getting back to the door. What kind do I use and how? Does it really need to be fire rated? Do I frame a smaller rough opening in the brick with 2x4's and use a 28" door? Can I Just install a 30" door and screw into brick? Do I need to enlarge the drywall side rough opening of the wall. Wood frame or metal frame? Can I get by with a solid interior door and then concentrate on installing a firerated one like I mentioned above? I am open to any ideas but I don't really want to order a custom door if I don't have to.

HELP!!!! Thanks in advance!


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Call your local Building Department to find if the breezeway is living space or not, requiring a fire door at the garage- or at the house. Call around for pricing of rough openings with shake/brick mold, jamb extenders/exact size, material, weather-stripping, etc.

Be safe, Gary


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If your breezeway is conditioned and secure I would go with an interior door. Put a fire door between the garage and breezeway.

28" is very small for an busy traffic door so if you can open up the rough framing to accommodate a bigger door I would. If the 33 1/2" brick opening is straight and square enough you might just be able to squeeze in a 32" door (it'll be very close). For a thick wall like that I'd just build my own frame rather than get a prehung.

If the brick opening is just not quite enough for a 32" door you could get a solid 32" interior door, build your own frame to maximize the opening and plane the door width to fit.

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I found out the best thing would be a fire door between house and breezeway which I ordered. After removing moulding around existing door I found no lintel in brick. It's been like this for 35+ years with no problems but its time to fix all the mistakes and do it right. I am posting a new topic for advice on lintel.
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