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HELP -- My wall is rising!

I had to pull up some carpeting and padding because of some water. The area is a short (7') hall way to the master bath, with a walk-in closet on the side.

With the carpet up I can look under the wall and see about a 1/4" + gap between the 2x4 and the floor. The floor is within 1/32 of flat (using a 2ft level) but the ceiling is way off rising towards the external wall.

It is an interior, non-bearing wall - 2x4's and sheetrock, 16" center on the second floor. There is unfinished but well insulated attic above with a non-truss roof. House was built in 2001. We are in central CT and it has been very cold of late.

There are no ceiling or wall cracks in the family room below, but there are cracks in the sheet rock near the closet and bathroom doors (in the hallway). Additionally, the door frame to the bathroom is also lopsided.

Having no inclination to tear apart the wall and redo it... should it be opened up to screw the plate to the floor? Or should I use some wedges and construction adhesive under it? Or should I just leave it alone?

Thanks in advance for your help!!!!


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Sounds like your wall is firmly attached to the ceiling rafters, when it moved the wall lifted with the rafters.

If you have access to the atic, you may be able to get a view of what is going on above.

This is something you probably need an engineer or contractor that does this type of work to look at and tell you what is causing the problem.


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Does anyone know a good contractor in Central Ct for this type of work?
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I would wait until spring and see if closes again! I would check and see if there is any connection from the ceiling joists to the ridge board or a collar tie! if the ceiling/wall are lifting, its either due to pinching or lift from the roof! I've heard of truss's lifting, in such a manner; but never from stick framing!
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Some deflection in ceiling joists is allowable, sometimes as much as half an inch. Trusses usually move with the seasons and snow loads. Also new lumber will continue to change dimensions with humidity changes. Is there cracking or bowing at the bearing wall? If you can rule out actual structural deficiencies you may be observing a common blunder of inexperienced framers. Nonbearing walls should not be screwed/nailed to the ceiling structure so they lift when the building goes through seasonal changes. That is why wallboard is not nailed to trusses or joists within 16 inches of the non bearing wall. Gypsum board must be allowed to flex with the corner bead as the ceiling rises and falls. Observe how your ceiling height changes over the year and then go up there and remove the offending screws or nails.
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