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learninggirl 05-22-2006 08:02 PM

Help me figure this out-total newbie!
I am looking to build an extension on my home, aprox. 1500-2000 square feet. I am getting rough #'s from gc's for aprox what it will cost per square foot, but they dont know exactly until I have architect drawings. I dont know how big/small to tell my architect to make as I dont know what it will cost. Where should I be starting from??? The architect or the GC?? (it goes round & round like the chicken & the egg...) That is my main question.

I have a budget and I'm trying to stay within it, I know everyone goes over so I was thinking of just going with the smaller addition.

Next comment was that I was considering GC'ing this myself so I can save some money (i think alot). I do have several contacts with framers, electricians etc. and I'm getting some prices but I dont really have a complete listing of what I will need. I really am curious as to how much I could save whether its worth it or not.

Also, shouldn't GC's break down the estimates for me, is that a valid request?

Thanks so much for your help, I have more questions too,I'm so into this website I'm addicted to it, besides, I really need help!!!!!LOL ;)

Bonus 05-22-2006 11:12 PM

Yeah, you gotta start somewhere...

Around here the 'ballpark' price for new consruction is about $120/ sq. ft. This get's you middle-of-the-road stuff, not the most expensive but not the absolute cheapest either. That might help you figure out how much sq ft you can afford, so that you can get some drawings and some firm prices.

GC'ing is a pain in the butt, but building on your house is that too, good luck, keep us posted. :)

coralhead1 05-28-2006 12:11 PM

will probably give you a general quote in the begining, such as $100-$110 per sq foot. Im in the process of researching an addition myself, and am going thru the same chicken/egg process.

I had the GC come out and tell me what I could and couldnt do first. He knew the building codes, etc, and told me I couldnt add out (as opposed to up) like I originally planned, so Id have them out first. If you want to use him, He should give you a breakdown if you ask for it, but he probably wont for the estimate, especially since you dont have plans. I believe most GC's add on about 30% or so for thier services (they can correct me here).

After he lets you know if you can do what you want, you can use a 'residencial designer' instead of an archetect if you dont have any really special needs...they do everything the arct does without the degree and generally cost less.

As for GCing yourself, add some time to your project. the GC will have people he works with and can whip them in line. If your doing it, and another job comes up that pays more, you may lose your people for a bit, which is no big deal unless your in a hurry. Im planning on contracting mine.

good luck!

Glasshousebltr 05-28-2006 03:09 PM

If ya GC it yourself better plan on taking some time off work.....a lot of time......being a GC is a full time job. We just don't take our cut and walk around.


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