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EmmaSurf 11-07-2012 07:41 PM

Help in foundation for vinyl shed on existing pad
HI - I saw a previous posting but no answer - hope you can help. I have a 7x7 vinyl shed with metal reinforced walls. It comes with vinyl/plastic floor. I understand the key to easy install is super level base because the floor pieces have to snap together. My problem is - I am putting up (temporarily so don't want to ruin existing concrete) aggregate pool deck is the base. It is fairly level but has a slop toward a deck drain that will be right in the middle of the shed. The slop is minimal but enough it needs to be addressed. I'm ok with blocking the drain completely because there are other drains that will take care of any rain on the rest of the pool deck.

My ideas are: 1) PT ladder - I really don't want PT near the only non-concrete area (I have organic vegetables at that point) because of potential rain runoff that might have chemicals. 2) Bricks or pavers to make a base. I have lots of brick I can reuse, and some 12 in pavers, but I'm not sure how to properly shim the brick. I don't want to cement in because i don't want to ruin the underlying concrete. 3) This is my own idea so please be kind of it sounds crazy! Put in leveling concrete over thick visqueen, leveling to a new 7x7 on top of the existing concrete. The visqueen is to act like a barrier so that the new concrete could be removed later w/o damaging the underlying deck. If it eventually cracked it wouldn't be that big a deal imho because it is just a storage shed and won't have tons of heavy or expensive equipment. And if cheaper concrete is ok, pls let me know.

The shed instructions are ikea like pictures so it's not clear what type of base they recommend. I'm in NoCal so no humidity but high heat in summer, and rain in the winter is hard to predict - it could potentially be heavy downpour but no snow/sleet/etc. I only have one area that the shed will fit so have to work with the constraints I listed. Realistically, with vinyl, the base is probably going to be stronger than the shed in an earthquake regardless of which one I use, so I am hoping I can figure out an easy way to do this.

Thanks for any ideas you can share.

EmmaSurf 11-07-2012 10:14 PM

Thinking further - what about just using gravel under 16" pavers so they are leveled and use my existing brick around perimeter to make sure the gravel doesn't migrate. I'm thinking that might be cost effective as well as use a product that can be reused by someone if I move the shed. I think since we don't have freezing here and it would be such a shallow level of gravel, this might work - any comments? (I've got sand available that I can add but don't think it would be of any benefit). Then if any water does sneak under the shed, the gravel would allow the water to drain thru the existing decking drain (I am going to cover the 3" drain with fine mesh but not completely seal it closed, just in case water ever does get in there).

joecaption 11-08-2012 09:52 AM

Not going to find any fans of plastic sheds on this site I believe.
I would just build a simple 2 X 4 pressure treated frame, use advantec subflooring making 100% sure the floor system is slighly smaller then the outside walls.
Plastic sheds tend to blow over in the wind, and very hard to keep the doors in alignment because there so flimy so having a soild floor to mount it to would help with those issures.
There's also no good way to seal around the bottom of the shed so keep anything that will get damaged up off the floor.

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