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smithk 06-23-2011 06:57 AM

Help! with contractor issue
First time poster here.
Sorry for long post .I'm having a metal building built .

the contractor on phone gave me a rough estimate for building sounded good ,he stated they did everything except electrical.He missed his first date for estimate he came out next day every thing sounded good about building I asked lots of question siding thickness ,etc wanted siding to run horz.

He gave some what of a contract w/ price of building some what of a sketch on contract size ,color basic stuff said he needed half money down the other have when finished .

when he came out next day to get bank check for half.He said that he should have told me they don't do concrete work and that he based $3200 on slab in contract price and that He would pay $1600 and I would pay the remaining balance and any extra to sub contractor I said no unless he wrote new contract.He said no just to forget it that he would pay it.Got him to write on contact

complation date and refund if no permit was got he put 6 weeks after permit was got and refund money if no building permit was got.Iwas able to get ag excepting permit for farm copy of engieered drawing. called for 29 ga.siding suppost to have been 26 ga.called him don't remember discussing that and he can't get 26 ga in that style of metal reminded him he gave me a color chart and style chart from company that makes siding.

Sub came out did concrete pad droped gravels on ground 13 above grade on back side w/4 inch pad on top no back fill said he had to follow drawing he said i could put planks or big rocks up to hold the gravels in under pad ,got the contractor to look at it he side he could run the metal siding all the way to the ground to hold gravels in told him to forget it i would just build a rock retaning wall under building, Contractor calls said he needed $2000 more dollars to cover concrete ,costed more than he thought because of footings the engineer added.

I said no wife said yes (she won)said maybe it will speed them up so they can get building done ,month later sub calles going to put lein on property contractor hasn't paid him can't get in touch with him.I called lawers office lady said to go ahead pay sub don't want lein on property.Contractor said it was fine to pay sub out of his remaining balance got sub to sign payment and lein release form if the was any leins. contractors son showed up two days before the compleshing date with two other guys the'll work and hour leave come back 6 hours later work a little bit it's been like that for a week still haven't seen contractor any since he got his $2000 check now building is almost finished but the promblem is now gap around bottom of side walls where hat channel is ,siding runs vertical we like it better this way but that isn't

what was dicussed .The drawing calles for 4 welds on insert tubes only two welds. Purlins are suppost to be placed on 48 inch centers by drawing, on roof theres two that are 6 foot apart some that 33 30 walls the same way.Drawing states scaffolding required for roof work they just walk on the hat channels and rafters.

Got building inspector coming out but he said theres nothing he can do becuase it's except from code.Still holding 1/4 of contractors money this has been such a headache don't know if I sould get a lawer or try to make him fix the promblems or what should do any suggustion please help!Thanks K Smith:(

oh'mike 06-23-2011 07:09 AM

Give the contractor a chance to correct any problems--that's the thing to do.

If the deficiency's are real and he can not correct them --then take the steps needed to correct them using someone else. Pay for the fix out of his remaining balance.

Willie T 06-23-2011 07:46 AM

My hat's off to you, Mike, for actually being able to read that. :jester: And he even edited it to "add spaces" ?!?!?!

oh'mike 06-23-2011 08:07 AM

Willie--I added those spaces---All I could figure out was he had something built and it's not right.

Anti-wingnut 06-23-2011 09:29 AM

You kind of brot this on yourself.the contractor shoud up with a bunch of red flags all over the place and you chose to ignore the obvious sighns of incompetemce on the part of the contractor.Couldn't you tell this guy was a idiot who was goig to run away wit your shud have talked to more contractors and maybe spent more money to get sumbody who wasnt a idiot crook.An when you go agricultural exempt there isnt any permit and ergo there isnt any recourse to using the county building inspection system. You get wat you pay for so y are u crying to us

oh'mike 06-23-2011 10:00 AM


Bud Cline 06-23-2011 11:13 PM

Don't any of you people have Spell Check for god's sake.

How the hell is anybody supposed to understand any of this crap with all the misspellings and grammar errors?:)

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