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Harley1 01-28-2009 02:33 PM

Heavy Bag (aka punching bag) Frame Project
I need to build a frame that can support at least two heavy bags (punching bags). The bags will way from 100-150 pounds apiece. Due to space restrictions I am building this frame outdoors and it will span my drive way.

My plan is to purchase 3 4x4 treated lumber posts. One will be 16' wide and be the horizontal span. The two vertical posts will be 10'?.

Will 4x4 treated lumber be structurally sound or should I use 6x6? The bags will sway and vibrations from the impact of punches and kicks will transfer through out the structure. Is there a forumla builders use to determine load bearing qualities for my type of situation.

For Fastening I was going to bury 2 feet of the posts in cement. For fastening the posts I was thinking of using metal brace connectors with screws (what size?). Should I use another fastening method (bolts)? Should I use some form of cross bracing?

Thank You

jerryh3 01-28-2009 02:55 PM

Try to look online for swing set plans. 16' might be a stretch for the horizontal run. You may have to get some dimensional lumber and builder some type of "header".

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