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hazey313 09-30-2010 12:37 PM

HEating vents and cold air return in basement
Hi there, I'm new to the board and looking to become a regular contributor over the coming months as I take on the task of finishing my basement.

So far the basement is framed and most of the plumbing has already been completed by the builder. I have a quick question about something before I design my electrical system.

Am I able to leave the heating vents (3 of them in the basement) in the ceiling where they are currently located? I live in Canada (Ontario) and have been informed that I should move my cold air intake (returning to furnace) lower down on my wall (its currently int he ceiling as well).

Just not sure if I should leave them up in the ceiling, and if so, what the advantages/disadvantages of doing this are. Seems like it would be much simpler, as I am going to put a drop ceiling in and all it would require would be to extend it down a few more inches.

As for the air return vent, I am going to move this from the ceiling to lower on the wall, is it alright for me to extend this another 10 feet along my ceiling and then down my far wall?

thanks in advance for your help, seems like a great site for budding DIY'ers!

High Gear 09-30-2010 06:19 PM

Here's what my hvac guy did for me as I am fixing up my basement.

He ran 6 furnace pipe runs off the main line ( between the joists) to within a few feet of the exterior wall and then 90 degree them down and attached round ceiling diffusers ( adjustable ). ( 1800 sq ft of finished basement)

Once my drop ceiling grid goes in I will adjust the length and distance down to fit the ceiling tile.

Two double returns were installed in the center wall about a foot off the floor and plumbed into the cold air return.

The idea is to force the warm air to the floor as it will stratify if not enough movement. 09-30-2010 08:24 PM

HEating vents and cold air return in basement
I would recommend that you bring the hot air ducts down to floor level as close to outside walls as possible; then bring your cold air return down to floor in central part of your basement, not in your furance. This setup will be similar to what is done on your main floors, and will give the best results. Hot air registers at the ceiling level do not have the air velocity to force warm air down to the floor level in a basement.


hazey313 09-30-2010 08:55 PM

very helpful thank you!

I actually just learned that the code changed in Ontario and heating vents MUST be placed close to the floor, and not left on the ceiling.

thanks again both of you!

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