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eludersd 12-25-2008 09:45 PM

Header Help
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Hello All,

Here is my issue, 1960's one story house that an add-on room was done, probably shortly thereafter. Pic 1: black lines above represent your standard concrete block, the green area is 2pcs of plywood (1/2") used as the exsisting header (not my doing), the red arrows are wrought iron as supports on bricks (i'm taking the brick out also). I want to make the entire opening smaller (for a pocket door). Where this opening is was the outside wall prior to room addition, so I assume its a load bearing wall. I need to put in a header but need help in sizing it, and the best way to install it. Thanks for the help Mike

Ron6519 12-25-2008 10:36 PM

How many courses of block do you have before you hit the roof line? If it's not too many, it might be easier to just remove the block and frame the area with wood. Clearance for the door will require around an 82" rough opening height.
You would need somebody knowledgeable, on site, to determine exactly what you need.

Aggie67 12-26-2008 03:36 PM

The construction portion of this project is definitely DIY-able. You said one story, and the block wall is part of the original structure. I'm going to assume for a minute that the house has a pitched roof. Your work will involve some surgery on the block. The extent of the work really depends on the construction of your home, the loads it sees, roof construction, etc. Unfortunately the design part of the project really should involve an engineer. Going about this the wrong way might result in your block wall ending up in a pile of rubble on your floor. I've done quite a few commercial block wall building remodels, and knowing what to install, what to demo, and the order those two things happen are critical. Best advice is to call a local licensed engineer (I'm one of these licensed structural engineers that contractors and DIY'ers call for this sort of help). I really wish you lived in my state. I could help you.

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