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hansolo2 08-04-2008 01:23 AM

hardie plank reno questions
I am trying to put hardie plank siding up on a 1968 house. Contractors will do the work and I want to make sure it's done properly.

The job involves stripping two layers of old siding off to get to plywood sheathing. The plan is to put rigid foil covered RMAX-brand styrofoam insulation (probably (1" thick according to hardie instructions) on top of the sheathing and then tape the seams with some kind of tape. Then the hardie plank will go over this. Obviously the hardie should be nailed into the studs. Is there a good way to find and keep track of where these studs are after the insulation goes on? Given that 1 inch of insulation is behind the siding, do you add 1" to the nail size, eg Siding nail (0.09 shank x 0.221 HD x 3 long (not 2" as in instructions))

Three Windows were built out to accomodate the 1" inulation and hardie and some blue skin membrane about the window opening was left partially unadhered so that it could be integrated into the siding job. The idea was to stick this membrane to the outside face of the foil which is on the foam insulation. Another option would be to stick it to the plywood sheathing behind the insulation. Any comments welcome.

One thing that was not planned for initially was to put up any type of sheathing paper or tyvek house wrap. I was wondering if this would help or hinder the whole thing. The weather here is northern Alberta (extreme cold long winters), I wouldnt want to trap moisture/condensation somewhere and end up with rot problems. But have read that tyvek is important and usualy left off.

Last thing is that I have read that the caulking on butt joints should be carefully done. Is this done with Hardie's caulk to match color and meet caulk quality spec? The siding is factory painted.

Any comments much appreciated, or pointers to look for while work is being done.

Just-Do-It 10-02-2008 03:10 PM

Hi Hansolo 2 I have a similar project and problem. I'm curious how you made out.

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