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snmhanson 01-06-2007 02:25 PM

Hanging a beam/rafter from a beam
I am going to build a trellis that extends from our covered patio out over our outdoor kitchen area. I have designed it so that I can place glass or plexiglass panels over the top of it during the winter to protect us from rain and snow. I have all the member sizing figured out but I can't determine a way to fasten the arbor rafter ends to the beam supporting the patio roof (the other end of the rafters will rest on a dedicated beam). Only ~2" of the face of the beam (4x10) is exposed so it looks like the rafters (4x6s or 4x8s) will have to hang from the bottom of the beam. As far as I can imagine the only options to do that would be using a lag screw through the rafters and into the beam (which I would prefer) or using some sort of hanger which I will only do as a last resort as aesthetics are important.

So my questions are: Could the correct size lag screw safely suspend the rafters which will have a DW of ~125 lbs and a potential snow load of up to ~620 lbs each or would I risk the threads ripping out as the maximum potential pullout force would be up to 750 lbs? Also, if the rafters are spaced at 24" centers do I risk weakening the 4x10 beam that the rafters would be suspended from by placing lag screws in the bottom of it? The beam would be pushed to it's limit (actually very slightly beyond it) if we ever did get enough snow for the 50psf rating although the builder who built our house said it should be ok. If lags will not work does anyone know of a hanger that can suspend a 4x beam from a 4x beam? Any other advice or ideas? Thanks for any help anyone can offer as I think this is my last hurdle before getting started.


troubleseeker 01-06-2007 09:15 PM

Not sure I have a clear picture of the situation, but I know I would not trust lags to suspend something with a load like this on it. Check out the Simpson catalogue, they have quite a few connectors for exposed beam constructon..something may fill your need.

Darylh 01-07-2007 09:15 AM

Truss and Beam companys should have what your looking for and I took a look at the Simpson web page and found some also.

snmhanson 01-11-2007 08:07 PM

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Thanks for the replies so far. I am a little leary about using lags - especially with people being underneath the structure. I would consider a hanger but I can't find one that would do the job much less one that looks nice that will do the job. Maybe I could have some custom made. Anyway, I am posting a few pics to maybe help you guys understand what I am trying to do. The first one is an overall picture of the roof covering the patio as well as the outdoor kitchen I am trying to cover. The arbor rafters will extend out from the edge of the roof (presumably the beam) and go over the kitchen (which is under the tarp) and be supported on the far side by a seperate beam.

The second picture is the edge of the beam that is on the outside of the covered patio under the eave. As the picture shows there isn't enough of the outside face of the beam to be useful in terms of supporting the arbor.

The third picture is the edge of the beam theat is on the inside side of the covered patio. There is approximately 7" or 8-1/2" if I pull of the trim piece of the face of that 4x10 exposed.

I am thinking my best option might be to have some hangers made that attach to the inside edge of the beam with multiple lag bolts and hang down below it wrapping around the 4x6s that will be the rafters. Any other ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated though - even a connection point for the arbor rafters other than the beam (although I can't see anything else that would work). Hopefully these pics will help make things more clear and maybe someone will have a good idea. Thanks for you time.


Darylh 01-11-2007 10:37 PM

What about pulling the soffitt down and attach a ledger board to the outside of the beam thats wide enough to accomidate your rafters.

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