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kenton76 08-13-2011 03:40 PM

handrail design for concrete steps
Hi everyone,

I'm your average DIY homeowner that enjoys learning how to do all sorts of things. I am trying to come up with a simple design for adding a handrail to a set of concrete steps in my father's covered garage. See the attached (crude) drawing for a general idea of what I'm thinking. Also included is a pic of the actual stairs. Initially I've been thinking of using all galvanized pipe, using a base flange installed on the floor, a swivel flange to attach the rail to the brick wall, and a c50 kee klamp for the top of the post pipe, and concrete/masonry anchors. Here are my questions:

1. Would you recommend using galvanized pipe for this project? and if so, have I picked out the right fittings?

2. I had also considered using a Titan Post Anchor for the base flange, 4x4 treated post, and a standard type of banister, wooden or pipe. My dilemma here is how to attach the rail to the brick wall. Is there such a bracket for either a wooden rail or metal pipe?

3. If this is an incorrect or unsafe design, what would you do? My dad is wanting to avoid putting the rail on the actual steps to keep from losing waking space/area, hence the floor/brick wall combo design.

Thank you for ANY advice you can share!

kenton76 08-13-2011 03:44 PM

Oh, the part of the sketch in blue is what I am unsure of, fitting/bracket wise, for attaching to the brick wall.

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