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had 03-31-2009 11:25 AM

granite tile countertop installation
I am about ready to being an installation of granite tiles on the kitchet countertop. I bought the tiles from Home Depot. They are 18 " wide and 31 " long. I plan on using that extra length to create the backspash and the front cover piece for a complete section of countertop that is 18 inches. The cabinets are european style and are all new install so I have beefed up the corners and spans between to keep a flat surface. I have applied two layers of 3/4 inch plywood with screws as my underlayment so I think I am ready to start. My question is what kind of thin set or mastic should I use to lay these large long pieces of granite? I could use any hints about where I am now, if I have made any mistakes so far that I can still correct before I begin.


Ron6519 03-31-2009 07:34 PM

I would add a 1/4" concrete board and use a thinset made for granite.

bonillajb 04-01-2009 03:32 AM

I went to Home Depot last night and they had a display of a counter top using granite, so I'm planning on intalling granite for my kitchen counter top. But I have no idea how to cut granite to form around the kitchen sink. Does anyone know what type of tool to use for cutting the curves around the sink? Idon't want to make mistakes, the granite I plan to use cost $116 for a box of 2 pieces of tile.:eek:

Bob Mariani 04-01-2009 05:30 AM

Use Ditra which will isolate the movement of the plywood and provide the waterproof surface so the plywood does not delaminate. If you use a backer board, you need to waterproof it. And this will add more height which will leave move of an edge that will show.

Bonillajb...Use a 4" grinder with a diamond wheel. Edges are then smoothed if you want a undermount sink. This polishing will be more work and you need many grits of diamond polishing disks. Cost is about $1200. So it is not DIY job unless you have the tools. But if you use a drop in sink you will be good to go. PS>.. Home Depot's granite prices will be higher than most all granite stores.

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