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Morjade 04-23-2009 12:13 PM

glass block window
I am going to install a glass block window on an exterior wall in a basement bathroom. I want it for natural light, and i was wondering what to do about the dimensions, which are not exact to the size of the blocks.
Should i build a frame to the size i need and then just proceed like you would with a standard window.(do i need that special channel for glass blocks?) Can i staet it on a standard wooden sill or are there special circumstances needed for glass blocks?
Any help or advice from someone experienced in this would be great..

jomama45 04-23-2009 06:32 PM

The best substrate to install glass block into is masonry, as in directly to your block, poured concrete or stone foundation. It's virtually zero maintenace, stronger, waterproof & you have more adjustability this way. Inside, you can fur wood right into it. Installing glass block over wood or the like will require caulk & alot more expensive materials, & they are all "temporary" compared to the life span of a good masonry install. I would suggest looking in the phone book for a local glass block company who can pre-fab the window for you. They have far more block availability to do custom sizes, & in my experience are cheaper than the big box stores. As a mason, I realize how tedious glass block work is & have them make all my window panels, as it saves me time & money.

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