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Girder span question........

Hi. Long time lurker, first time poster........

So these tables here:

....have table entries for "Girders and Headers Supporting" in the left-most column.

I'm curious how they are measuring the weights for the different classifications.

For example, the first entry is simply "roof and ceiling". How can a recommended span be suggested for the weight of a "roof and ceiling"? Couldn't that roof and ceiling differ from building to building depending on the materials used? I mean, wouldn't a "roof and ceiling" in the middle of suburbia vs. the middle of a trailer park weigh 2 very different amounts?

Perhaps there's some agreed upon DL and LL (dead load and live load) for the term "roof and ceiling" that I'm unaware of?

Obviously, this question could pertain to any other entry that follows as well (i.e. "Roof, ceiling and one center-bearing floor") but I think you can see where I'm going with this.

Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.


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Hey lurker, does the table @ R301.5 Live load. help at all?


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Thanks, bobwoz.

Your link was busted but a quick google search found it. (By the way, are the mods here aware that you just posted inline javascript [albeit flawed] within their wysiwyg editor?? Dangerous.)

Anyway, here's the correct link for those playing at home:

Strange that they don't mention the same titles for the different categories in that list.

Wouldn't it be much less confusing if the links were the same categories as the "Girders and Headers Supporting" titles were? For example, how is one supposed to deduce that "Roof and ceiling" (in R502.5) is anyway related to any of the "Use" categories in R301.5? Also, where does dead load come into play here?

I see a link for R301.4 which references "Dead Load" but don't see anything on that page.

And, really, isn't dead load the major factor in this whole issue? Again, for example, a roof built with materials a,b and c on house #1 vs. a roof built with materials d,e and f on house #2 could potentially have a 100% different dead load. How does one factor this information in regards to this International Code Council page(s)?
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