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jdt141 01-10-2011 07:20 PM

General Steps to a bathroom remodel
Hi all,

I'm about to undertake a bathroom remodel. I've purchased numerous books, and have been reading and researching this for some time. However, one rather important detail eludes me: the order of the major parts of the process. My understanding, at the moment, is something like this: (where the a's and the b's could be done at the same time)

1. Gut
2. Drywall on ceiling (only hang it to keep the heat in while we remodel)
2a. Electrical rough-in / redo if needed
2b. Plumbing rough-in
3. Tub and tub surround installation
4. Hang drywall on the walls
5. Mud and tape
6. Install flooring
7. Seal/prime and paint (maybe do this before floors are installed?)
8a. Install vanity & sink
8b. Install commode

Your help, experience, and advice are most appreciated.

wombosi 01-10-2011 07:32 PM

hey friend.
here's how i would do it:

1) gut
2) assess structure and modify/repair as necessary. will you be adding tile? are the joists stiff enough? how old? spaced how far apart? what will your subfloor
3) plumbing rough-in/updating
3a)mechanicals - fan/vent?
4) electrical (make sure dedicated circuit for 20amp GFI at sink)
5) insulation (if any exterior walls)
6) install tub
7) hang and tape sheetrock everywhere

the rest is good. you can do finished flooring or painting first, whatever you feel most comfortable with. if tile, i would probably paint first, then touch up after floor installation.

good luck.

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