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General questions re: platform deck with slanted roof

Total beginner looking at building a platform deck with slanted roof to protect me while I am eating my hamburger while it rains. Plus a small room for guests during the summer only. Nothing fancy.

Some more info from a previous post post.

General info:
Experience: None but motivated; have helped with odd projects including building a small deck
Deck size: Approximately 10 feet by 33 feet
Room size: Approximately 10 feet by 25 feet (would split this to include a small closet and maybe a sauna one day...I am in the Baltics after all and they have saunas in the darndest places)
Roof size: 12 feet by 27 feet (estimate...large enough to properly hang slightly over deck with an uncovered area for BBQ)
Roof height: Thinking 8' and 7'
Roofing: Possibly metal roofing sheets...don't know if it is inexpensive here or the best material for the location but they are very, very common. Maybe it is overkill though. I will use whatever works and doesn't require replacement in 2 years. Haven't thought of pitch but read somewhere that 1" for every foot was a good rule.
Deck height: As low as possible; no stairs required. Read 6" should be for me
Grade: Level on dirt that has been left unattended for years
Location: 59 degrees North (Estonia)
Weather: Coastal with 2-3 feet of occasional snow; some winters with almost no snowfall
Frost line: Approximately 4 feet

Don't need a permit but want to do it safe and proper.

I have some thoughts and questions about the project that I am trying to get general answers to so that I can do a rough cost estimate. If it's too expensive for me I will just enjoy a summer on the grass but at least I'll learn something along the way. So, here it goes:

1. Debating the whole concrete post vs. pre-fab, such as these. Have not thought about load etc. so just thinking that concrete posts about 52" down and leveled would be the least worrisome. Common, small garden houses used for the few summer months up to 300 square feet at all on pre-fab maybe pouring concrete is overkill. I envision adding a built-in BBQ and pizza oven from cinder blocks & bricks at some point. Basically, up to a 10' foot wide cooking station on top of the deck at the edge of the uncovered end. I guess I have to ask now if that is doable atop of a wooden deck with the weight. Have a source for determining the necessary number of concrete posts but any estimates out there?

2. For this kind of project I am more of a visual person. Once I can picture it I have a pretty good idea of how to go about it. Found some plans for platform decks so I can picture how to build that, but I am struggling to find the best way to support the posts for the roof. Have only been able to find plans for sheds and the like. So, how would I go about attaching the vertical posts for the roof? Should they:
a. each be above a concrete post resting on a double joist and the decking notched appropriately to go around it?
b. should they be anchored to the deck floor itself and not necessarily directly atop a concrete post?
c. are there feasible alternatives that I can't imagine?

3. How far apart should the vertical posts be spaced? Too far and I'll have a roof on my head...too close and I'll feel like I'm in prison. Of course, lumber size, and I guess anchoring and material type will also be a factor.

4. What would you recommend for securing the roof rafters to the horizontal cross beams (don't know what the proper terminology would be here)? A form of roof tie, notching of the rafter, or a combination? This does not have to have a polished look as it is in a rather large garden with some rough-looking sheds. So, simple is fine. As long it doesn't fall down on my head at some point.

I am trying to think modular here in case I can't do the whole project in one go. Basically:
Build the deck and roof (imagine this is easiest in one go rather than modular)
Add the desired room later on
Add the built in BBQ after that
So, I would like to plan for that. Would hate to build something and then a year later be forced to do some major modifications because I failed to plan.

Sorry for the long post. I thought it best to ask the brunt of my questions in one post as it was easiest and some answers might lead into other questions.


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for construction of the deck I would recommend reviewing this publication this is for the deck, not the roof structure.

I don't have any idea of the size or species of wood used in construction for your area so I do not think I'd be of much help. here is a link to an article about building your own porch

good luck



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Thanks GBrackins...had actually just downloaded it from another thread on which you provided the same link.

Since Estonia is basically covered in forests and one of their main exports is wood I am sure I can find somebody to give me some advice in that area.
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Moved to Building and Construction forum.
When posting in certain forums, knowing your location will help others give better feedback/advice/solutions to your questions.
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Went through the PDFs that GBrackins provided and I have a pretty good handle on the plans for the deck construction. Just need to figure out the number and location of concrete posts.

The place that I am stumped now is the best way to attach and support the vertical posts for the roof support. I could attach them to the joists but would the even provide enough vertical support? Are there sufficient anchors that I could use if I went this route.

If there was some additional source of information one could provide I would be grateful.
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