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General costs for stone foundation repairs??

Over the past two months we've been hearing cracks / creaks in my livingroom and I assumed that it was some of the hardwood boards of the hardwood flooring contracting during the winter but yesterday I happen to look at the wall (side of the house exterior inside) and then I noticed some very large gaps between the shoe board and the baseboard on the long ouside wall. I know when I was painting a few months ago there were some ares that had small gaps - 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch but looking today it is well over a quarter of an inch now. I can fit five quarters in the gap at the widest and I can see down into what might be the crawl space ( not sure ).*Although there is separation most of the lenght of the wall being worst towards the middle. The shoe board is stuck to the hardwood floor so I'm not sure if the floor is moving with the shoe or the wall/foundation is moving. I have a pic of the gap and I'll try to post it tomorrow. I have not seen any other visible changes in the house but I have not gone I to the crawl space under the house yet.

The house is a split level built in the late 50s (in the Philadelphia area) with the living room side on a stone foundation over a low crawl space and the other side of the house is built on slab. We do have some water drainage isssues as well. But I didn't think it was terrible.*

I'm planning on having an engineer come in to asses the whole situation but I was hoping to get some ideas of what it might cost me to fix this foundation. Maybe a worst case senerio and a not so bad case. I know it's hard to really say but I'm kind of freaking out now.

I'd be curious to hear any feedback anyone might have. Or you need any other info just let me know. *



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no one knows what the going rate is in philly let alone what method/type repair's need'd,,, come to think of it, everyone's got a different definition of ' expensive ' & ' reasonable ' but you already know that.

beginning w/local structural engineer's good + he might have a handle on area costs,,, after his report / recommendations, i'd look at a housemover & waterproofer,,, as you've discov'd, water issues can disturb stability left untreated/unresolved,,, at least it finally got your attn & you're concerned but its only a house,,, good luck !


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Ok thanks for the reply. Hopefully it's not as bad as I'm thinking. I forgot to mention that we just moved into the house less Han a year ago. We just had the roof replaced as I knew that was a cause of some of the water issues.
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I work for Advanced Foundation Repair out in Texas, after reading your post I think I may have some possible explanations for your issues:

1) Wood decay, such as the sill plate, or
2) Settlement of the perimeter beam.

The first possibility is more likely as movement in the perimeter wall would probably not cause a gap. The best first step is to carefully inspect the wood in the crawl space under the affected area.

I hope this helps and that everything turns out to be fine, Good Luck!
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