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AaronBerquist 08-17-2007 12:00 PM

Gate Post Question
I have recently installed a wooden fence in my backyard (thanks to all the great advice I received here) and am now about to install a set of gates.

The area I need to cover is 8 feet wide so I planned on doing a double gate, with each being approx 4 feet wide. One of the gates will be anchored to a fence post. The other will need to be placed beside my house, which is brick.

My question is - how best do I secure the post beside the house. I am wary of digging a hole and cementing it right beside the foundation, as I'm in Ontario, Canada and I'm worried about frost heaves pushing the concrete against the foundation. Is there a way to mount it to the house itself, with brackets of some form? The gate will be 6 feet high, shadow-box style.

troubleseeker 08-19-2007 12:51 PM

I would not give hopes of much longeveity to a gate just hung on the brick veneer with lead shields or other fasteners just into the brick veneer, and the odds are not in your favor of happening to have a wall stud located in the wall where you want the gate (which could be located with very carefull measurements), so that you could use some long lags on catch solid wood.
So my suggestion would be to do the labor and get a hole to the accepted depth for being below the frost line, and isolate the post concrete from your slab by a barrier fo some sort. IMO some type of asphalt or rubber sheet would be good, such as a drop off of torch down or edpm roof membrane, ice and water shield, or even a few layers of simple roofing felt.

CAUTION: This advice from a guy in south Louisiana, so I obviously have lots of experience with frost heave .:yes: :laughing:

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