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I have't posted in a week or so and figured I'd ask about this although I'm sure it's not possible and will never happen. It seems my house was built the most inconvenient way possible. They put the septic tank beside the house and in front of the drive way even though that's the highest point of my yard and seems like it should be down hill. Anyway, I would love to have a garage but the best place for it would be right were the septic Is since the driveway is there. I know you can't drive on the septic tank which makes its placement more of a pita because it'd be nice to be able to drive to my my backyard. Anyway, is it impossible/financially feasible to build over the septic and leave a way to pump it out? Would it be cheaper to move the driveway and build on the other side? (Not much of a driveway anyway) that would require a new pipe for the ditch also.

Edit: I probably will never add a garage to this house but I like to know all of my options. One day we will buy a bigger house with an actual yard to retire and live in the rest of our lives. Our house now was a good first house for us but needs change.


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I don't thing you're allowed to build something permanent on top of any part of a septic system. Where I live, each lot has what's called a septic reserve, or an area set aside for another septic system if the first one ever fails. Can't build on that either.


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The septic reserve would be for the leach field not the actual tank. I don't know the rules say but I don't see why you couldn't build over the tank as long it was built strong enough to support your vehicles.
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For my septic tank there is a probably 3'x4' flat surface that's under ground but raised up. I assume this is where they would pump out the tank. How big is the typical tank for a single family home? It seems like the floor of a garage would cover such a large area that the weight wouldn't be a huge issue since it would be displaced so much.

Am I wrong to assume the tank would have been better off on the lower side of the house? All the plumbing underneath the house runs all the way from the low end to that side of the house (drain pipes anyway). To me nothing about it makes since.
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a 1500 gallon septic tank is usually about 5' wide x 10' long. a septic tank built to H20 loading can have vehicles driven over it. Check at your health department and see if they have any records on your septic system. I myself would not have a septic tank, even a H20 tank under the slab of my garage. Everything wears out sooner or later. Check with the health department and find out their requirements for relocating the septic tank downhill of it's current location. You may be able (if the tank is in good condition) move it down the pipe existing the tank to your leach field. I'm sure they have some setback requirements from a foundation (at least in my area a septic tank must be 10' from a foundation). Hope this helps!

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As Mr. Brackins has pointed out, what you can do over your septic tank is regulated by your local Board of Health. In my town, you cannot have a permanent structure built over the tank. Your Board of Health may have different rules, no one on this forum can possibly know what they are, so I would start by checking with the Board.
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Have seen people who have built decks over the septic tank. Put in a hatch for maintenance. you don't want to see what the deck looked like after the maintenance was actually performed. That would be your garage floor smeared with what used to be in the tank. Like many other things in life, just because you CAN do a thing does not mean you SHOULD do a thing.


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