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Garage security anyone?

Good evening everyone. I've had my garage broken into twice and am looking to secure it the best I can. There is a garage door, 3 windows and 1 man door. Both times they've broken in through the man door.

The first time, they pried the door with a crowbar or something near the door knob and the jam. The second time, they just kicked in the door which broke the frame.

What I'd like to do is reinforce the door frame with a steel frame or something else so they can't get in through the man door. I'd also like to do something with the windows.

In the end, I'd like it to be so secure that if they wanted to get in, they'd have to saw a hole in the wall to cut an entrance. I'd even like to prohibit that if I can. Does anyone have any tips on how I could best do this? Thanks!



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You talking to me?
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window bars are about the only really effective means of preventing window entry I know of. Of course how they are attached will make a world of difference as to how secure they are.

To the man door; Possibly a commercial quality steel door and frame. Again, the attachment of the frame to the framing will effect how secure it is.


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good post - thanks for the reminder i need to call sonitrol for OUR home.

ck w/fire dept on the window bars, get a decent steel door & frame, & rescue a LARGE MEAN DOG from the shelter
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I use a couple different types of security.

Start with a few security signs saying that the building is monitored.

I have a steel door and frame with a handle lock and a dead bolt that's extra long into a reinforced steel plate.

Windows have inside mount steel bars that are visable through the window.

I have two motion lights mounted high up on the outside.

I use 2 Voice Alert wireless motion detectors that alert you inside the house if anything moves inside the garage.

Last I use two wireless cameras that send a video in real-time to both my PC in the home as well as to my cell phone.

Now I don't live in an area with high crime, but I will know if I am ever broken into. I'll see and hear the bad guys as they are doing the deed.

I have around $300 in everything excluding the cost of the door. The door was put in when I built the garage a few years ago.
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I installed strikemaster steel reinforcing on the doors. Check them out here...
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My father's been a locksmith for 30 years, and has seen just about every conceivable way for a dwelling to be broken in to. Everyone automatically wants better locks, and he'll install them, but he also gives them the truth they don't usually want to hear: If someone wants in badly enough, they will get in. So a couple questions:

Can you move/remove whatever you're keeping in the garage, that the crooks are after?

Don't laugh, but can you remove the door? Code might not allow it, but many people never use their man door, and its the main way to break into a garage. Seriously, many crooks will pass up any place where they need to go through a window, and the car door is easier to secure.

Or permanently seal the door from the inside.

If the adjoining wall has standard framing, you will have a hard time making the door theft-proof. Your best bet then is to bore a hole into the concrete slab beneath the door to accept a steel pin, and add framing to the header above the door to accept the same. You'll need to secure at least two points on the door, and preferably three. A steel commercial frame and door would slow the crook down, and maybe force him to make more noise, but any decent crook will know how to get around those as well.

Good lighting and motion lights as well.

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Thanks for all of your responses. They were very helpful. I think I have a plan. Happy Holidays!



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