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denverman71 10-21-2009 11:36 AM

garage roof insulation between rafters
Hi all, I've searched a bunch of garage insulation posts but haven't found an answer to my situation.

I just had a 24x22 detached garage built at my home in Denver, CO. I don't plan on heating the garage with anything other than a small space heater but would like to fully insulate. I have insulated and sheetrocked the walls of the garage and am now thinking about the garage roof.

There is definitely no soffit venting and I don't believe there is ridge venting but I could be wrong. The garage is a 5/12 gable with 2x8 rafters at 24" o.c. I don't want to enclose what would be the attic portion and insulate on top of a ceiling. I want to insulate between the roof rafters and ideally leave this area exposed. For this reason I don't want to use batts.

Is there a rigid insulation product I can use that will be somewhat decent looking on the exposed side while not creating a fire hazard? Obviously fire hazard is relative.

Second question, do I need to vent even though the roof will remain exposed on the inside?

Thanks for your help all.

ArmchairDIY 10-21-2009 12:06 PM

I hate to disappointed you, but foam insulation should not be left exposed it is a fire hazard and most likely would be a code violation.
As for ventilation, if you insulate a building you should also provide a means of ventilation. Granted it is a garage and not heated all the time, but none the less it also has potential for condensation issues when it is being heated.

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