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WillK 01-21-2011 12:57 PM

Garage remodel - adequate foundation?
I'm not entirely sure if this will come up, but based on what I've seen with this property, more often than not the assumption that things were built to current standards is a bad assumption. So, I don't mind the layout of the walls of my garage, but I'm considering rebuilding the roof to increase usable storage space, correct undersizing structure, and match style to the house.

The garage was originally built as a 2 car garage and later expanded to add a workshop. The original garage seems to have had electric and gas lines run to it, as these come up through the slab where the workshop is instead of next to the workshop slab. If the workshop wasn't there, the location of the entry of the electrical and gas would be next to the garage slab. I have both gas and electric disconnected and will be running new lines for both.

So, reading through city ordinances, there are limits on out building size, lot coverage and a requirement for 12x42 footings. The garage would be limited to 10% of lot size, actually it's a little over, total buildings are limitted to 30% of lot coverage which we're under. No idea if the footings are proper.

So my question is, what would be the best way to find out if the garage slab has proper footings? Is there a way to check slab thickness?

The driveway is absolutely shot, and where I've been able to remove smaller broken sections it's 2" thick! On one hand it's reason for me to not trust the garage to have an adequate floor, but on the other hand since the garage floor isn't in bad shape (might have a crack, but it isn't uneven.) maybe that's a sign that it was constructed better than the driveway.

Gary in WA 01-21-2011 01:50 PM

You may need engineering on the footings, up to the B.D. I usually measure the outside one after digging next to.... Inside, I measure the rotary hammer/drill bit as it goes through the slab, slab/footing, two different holes. The width of the inside footing is a little harder to find with numerous 1/2" test holes......


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