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CowDoc 06-03-2010 07:12 AM

Garage floor slope
We have noticed that in our new home (built 1 year ago), the garage floor in the first stall slopes toward the house and not out the garage door. I had the concrete contractor come and take an look and he said that they have little control how concrete sets up. I know that is wrong and I think he should fix the problem. His "band-aid" fix is to cut some slots in the concrete so the water runs down these tracks. I realize this is a garage, but I think it will not look good and worry the cuts may fill with dirt, etc.

Do I have any recourse? The general contractor said I had to contact the concrete contractor, so I am thinking he is trying to pass the buck.

Your thoughts are appreciated.

stadry 06-03-2010 01:22 PM

UNLESS you contracted w/the conc contractor directly, you bought the house from the bldr,,, that repair method's shoddy & you're right.

luckily you noticed this now so 1st ck your homeowner's warranty - SOME issues MUST be address'd in the 1st yr &, to protect your rights, may require a certified letter,,, pay particular attn to moisture in the foundation walls ( block or conc walls ? ? ? )

the proper repair method's to overlay the floor providing positive drainage towards the garage door,,, many conc contractors do NOT have the nec experience, expertise, or access to the nec mtls,,, btw, there is NOTHING that will work avail at an apron strore,,, ONLY from a specialty conc supply store ( acid stain, polymer-modified cements, 50% solids sealers, etc )

CowDoc 06-03-2010 09:37 PM

Thank you for the response. We will look at our contract. What is an "apron store"? I assume a large home type store where the helpers wear and apron. I have just never heard that term.

stadry 06-04-2010 04:50 AM

your warranty's different from your contract of sale, etc,,, ea state's seemed, in their neverending wisdom, to create different rights & obligations, too,,, in the end, most are better'n a sharp stick in the eye but not by much as lawyers representing bldrs associations were allowed to get too involved.

' apron store ' is my creation however you/anyone may feel free to use &/or adopt it as their own w/o any licensing fee :no: also created ' not as good as i once was but good once as i ever was,,, someone else turned it into a song & forgot me :laughing:

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