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drjay9051 03-22-2011 06:42 PM

garage floor problem
I have a 24x24 open carport. Metal roof, wood supports every 8 feet. Supports are 4x6 pressure treated.
I would like to build a floor and eventually enclose area to make a garage type structure.

I have the choice of having a slab poured but I think it will be very expensive. Other option is joists and exterior plywood floor. I have no idea if I need 1/2 ,3/4 or thicker plywood. I know I can use plywood as I considered buying a Handi House, pre assembled garage units with wood floor capable of supporting vehicles. Cost was $4,000 for a 12x24 unit with roll up door, electricals, windows.

Anybody know best thickness aand if my joists should be 18 in apart or closer?

I may get quotes because I really dont think Im up to the task. Think the Handi House would be less expensive?
I really do not want to leave a bare earth floor

Thank you

vsheetz 03-22-2011 07:15 PM

What is your usage planned to be - vechicle parking, workshop, or ?

What considerations for a building department permit?

Off-hand, I would suggest to pour a concrete floor.

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