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garage drain

My home was built in the 60's and the builder did not install a drain in the garage. The floor seems to be high in the middle and the snow melt runs to the sides, both towards the house and away. I would like to add some type of drains to collect the water and move it away from the house. I was thinking about two channel drains about 4 feet from the side walls that would be piped to a central catch basin/dry well. This will be a lot of work cutting through the floor and pitching everythiong the correct way. Is there an easier way?


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Drip Pan Option

Cutting in drain channels and the like is going to be a complicated proposition.

A quick & dirty solution suggestion is to make what is essentially a drip pan for your vehicles. Iíll describe it as best I can.

You need to get some heavy weight plastic or a durable thick tarp, something waterproof. You will also need some half inch PVC pipe with a few 90 degree fittings.

You are going to use the PVC pipe to create a perimeter edge that will prevent the water from flowing off the plastic/tarp. Using the PVC pipe and a few 90 degree connectors create a frame that is slightly larger than the foot print of your car. You want it to be big enough so that water coming off the car will be caught when it splashes. Once you have the frame made you can lay out the tarp and then place the frame over the top. Then you are going to need to cut the plastic/tarp at the corners so you can fold tarp up over the PVC creating a hard straight edge. Trim the excess as necessary. The tarp edge will then need to be sealed/taped so that the PVC is enclosed. You will need to pay special attention to the corners as that is where you are most likely to have leaks.

Now you have created a shallow drain pan to catch water coming off the vehicles. You have two options at this point. You could leave as is and allow the water to just evaporate or on one side you could add a fitting to the PVC that would allow you to attach a tube to allow the water to drain out of the pan to wherever you choose. The location of this fitting will probably be determined by the slope of the floor as you will want it in the lowest area so the water will drain out. Depending on the way your garage is built you could possibly feed the tube though a hole drilled in the sill plate and feed it outside where it would much easier to dig a sump pit.

Not sure of where you are in the country but of course being in snow country with temps below freezing would affect how you do this. I would make the footprint of the trap larger if you are dealing with snow buildup on the car in the winter.

Another issue can be the wear and tear where the vehicle tires drive over the edge. You can place some thin pieces of wood that straddle the PVC creating a little ramp for the tires of the vehicle to ride up and over. This will protect the PVC and the plastic/tarp.

Clear as mud right? Well I hope this at least gives you an option other than cutting into or even replacing the concrete slab.

Let me know if you need me to clarify anything in my description.

Good luck.


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Thanks I may try this as it is getting late inthe year.
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