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Kathy Haden 06-15-2012 06:10 AM

garage door damage
We parked in the garage, went in house hitting the close button on the way in. Came out later and door was up. On the top panel the metal strip down the inside of the door was crumpled and pulling away from the door. Installed by local company less than a year ago and they installed a Genie door opener as well. Installers said the door came down on something and the door mfg would not cover warranty and installer would not either. Our car was properly parked. What could have happened?

Just Bill 06-15-2012 06:24 AM

What they said, the door tried to close on something that damaged it. But..........there are adjustments that are supposed to allow the door to lightly touch an obstacle and then reverse direction. I say lightly, because it is intended to reverse without damaging a human body or part. The adjustment has to be way out or there has to be a malfunction for the door to close hard enough to damage parts. So either the way the opener is at fault, by the installer not making proper adjustments, or due to a malfunction.

I am assuming there was no damage to the car???

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