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Chevy_dave 06-09-2010 11:10 PM

Garage/barn floor alternatives
I have been thinking about converting our old horse barn into a garage for my truck to keep it out of the rain and a place to hang out and work on the truck. 2/3's of the barn is dirt and the rest is a raised wood floor. on the dirt part, half of that is relatively level and the other side is caved/compacted in from the horse. Money is kind of tight, and im just looking for a place to keep my truck out of the weather. Are there any alternative flooring that i could put down opposed to concrete or cement. I was thinking of brining in some dirt to fill in the unlevel side and then leveling the whole thing and compacting it. then bringing in some type of crushed rock or road base and laying down 4-6" and compacting that to give me a hard survace to park on. Thanks for the help and suggestions.

stadry 06-10-2010 05:40 AM

this must be a full moon phase we're in,,, my horse barn was the same - wood over sleepers on dirt,,, other than more dirt or wood or some form of rock, i can't think of anything for barn flooring,,, obviously you can't either but at least you have a truck to go get it :thumbsup:

ps - road base IS crushed rock screenings,,, leveling & compacting is good - that way you won't roll into the side of the barn whilst working underneath your truck :laughing:

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