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manbitesfilm 08-22-2012 10:27 PM

Front "porch" building
Howdy knowledgable folks,

I have a quick question on options for building a front entrance stairs to our house. It's not a proper "porch" since the front of the house is an enclosed veranda with cedar shingle siding below the windows, but we still want some elements of a classic porch entrance: 6" newels, railings and risers in white, the steps likely in dark gray. It will be 4-5 steps, so fairly high, and a 3' platform in front of the door.

Anywho, my question is with respect to the choice of wood. As I understand, the standard choice should boil down to pressure treated lumber or cedar (western red let's say...)? Price would not be a major factor between the two, because of the small size of the entrance. I imagine cedar would be better in the long run, but is there a major difference in durability? Are there other (obvious) options I should explore?

Also, with respect to the "white", I presume that a good opaque stain should suffice for either cedar or PT lumber? Anyone have experience with stuff like Benjamin Moore's Arborcoat? Any other recommendations for good quality white opaque stain.

I know this seems like a basic thing, but I just want to get my bearings straight here... We sank a lot of time, effort and money into this house and I really don't want to screw up the entrance... Finishing touch, but an important one. Thanks in advance!


joecaption 08-22-2012 10:32 PM

Bet you'll get some better suggestion on what will look nice of you would post a picture of the area where it's going.

GBrackins 08-22-2012 10:35 PM

you know it joe .... :thumbsup:

they don't have to be big 8 x 10 glossies ..... but a few snaps of the camera may lead to some intelligent replies

manbitesfilm 08-22-2012 11:04 PM

Right... I always forget that part... :P Geographically, we're in Montreal, Quebec. As far as the pic goes, what I'm really looking for is advice on materials/stains. What is a typical choice of wood for building an exposed porch that will be colored opaque? PT Lumber, Cedar? Does it matter? I'm under the impression that cedar has great anti-decaying/rotting properties and I would prefer it to PT lumber. But is there an alternative? Can you use regular pine as long as it's painted?

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