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Originally Posted by Educatednoob View Post
You guys are insane suggesting pre-made shelving being cheaper than 2x4's and plywood. Especially when you consider the size of these shelves and strength.
Here's what I found:
I want to build the same type of shelving but along the entire back wall of my 2 car garage plus I want to build a workbench that starts along the same wall but wraps around the corner. I want my shelves 3' deep. If I bought shelving to make the same structures I'm looking at over $1000. But I can get all the 2x4's and plywood for under $500. Every different type of shelving I've looked at from gorilla shelves to those cheapo flimsy thin steel shelves were $50-$130 for a 4 or 5' long section. Sorry, but there's no comparison- JBG420- build those shelves like you're thinking, you're on the right track.
Yes there is....what your doing is for a different application....3' deep is a lot different than 2'....not to mention the work bench.

I've done it both ways....which one is best depends on how your going to use it....

I like wire shelves because you can adjust them and they don't collect dirt.

With shelves made out of 2x4' end up with almost 4" per shelf of dead space....that is the space under the shelf created by the height of the 2x4......whereas with steel wire frame maybe have 1.5" of lost space? And you can see through them to see what is under and behind....can't do that with plywood shelves.

In reality, no one shelf design fits all....I have a combination in my garage....

You can click on the link in my signature to see them....


Even if you are on the right track, you will still get run over if you just sit there.

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sometimes I buy, but I mostly build!, in my basement and in my shed, where I know they will live forever, I always build from 2x4", all 2x4 for frame and shelf support, I keep the shelves pretty far apart to save money, like the height of 2 plastic containers. I make some free standing, and some are tied in, just depends on the place, the basements are mostly free standing. mine are 2 foot deep, supported by 3 2x4 under the shelf and 1/2" ply on top. this lets you put most containers on them longways in so you get more on each shelf.

I bought metal wire 300lb/ shelf for the garage because I wanted it to be reasonably moveable empty (free standing doesnt always mean easily moveable) I dont regret it and the ability to make height levels (and change them) for different tools etc is very handy.

I would say for long term type storage I would go with 2 shelves that can fit 2 under (favorite containers, we like the 18 gallon size), 2 on center and 1 on top. done this way you need less material, have room for larger objects as well later, instead of one shelf for each row of containers, which will cost you twice as much obviously, and less options later. my shelves are held up by 2x4's that go to treated lumber on the floor front to back and jack studs on each "leg" to support the shelf, they are built from the bottom up. the next shelf sits on a jack stud that sits on the shelf below. might need to add pics for that to make sense.

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I said pics might help, here ya go

this will require some bracing for true standalone (I tied this one into the rafter of the basement, but its a good method to start with IMO)
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