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killingseed 04-19-2010 10:53 PM

framing a window
this might be somewhat hard to explain, how ever i am working on plans in google sketch up. i am converting a garage, putting up a wall with two windows. i am going to extend the window out ,like a box window. it will be out about 9" total.

i did have more of the cad done but started over to get a cad out of it.
there are 3 section in the image. there will be two there will be the same one on each side to inclose the garage. left is half the wall with a 2x8 header and a 2x6 on the lower section, its not completed as i need to finish the windows section in the middle. this is where i am questioning something.

Should i do it with a 2x4 header or go with a 2x6?

i think the 2x6 is over kill sense there wont be much of a load on it and that part of the framing will extend 8" from the main wall. also the box on the right is the frame to extend the window out from the main wall.

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