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Carolyn252 09-01-2011 11:10 AM

framing for vinyl wind barrier (See photos)
I want to cover the four sides of a rectangular outdoor pen in clear vinyl ďfabricĒ in some way that makes it quick and easy to remove and replace twice a year. The pen is 15 x 9 feet and is 6 feet high; itís built of vertical two by four lumber placed three feet apart; there's a horizontal board up top and another at the bottom, around the entire pen. Heavy gauge welded wire is permanently installed with screws and washers on the inside of the pen on all four sides. In the Autumn every year I install clear vinyl shower curtains stretched tight on the outside of the penís four walls, and in the Spring I remove them. The vinyl provides a wind barrier during the cold months. Each shower curtain is 6 X 6 feet, so I use eight curtains. But itís very labor intensive using screws every foot or so all around each of the eight panels of vinyl. (Note: the ceiling is left open to the air for ventilation; no vinyl needed there. A raised roof keeps the rain and snow out.)

Can you suggest a clever way to create an easy-to-remove-and-replace system for the vinyl wind barrier? Some kind of magnetic frame? Some kind of snap-on frame? Some sort of adhesive frame? Some kind of roll-up system?

The system must keep the vinyl snug against the wood to prevent the wind from lifting the vinyl.

The shower curtain liners that Iím currently using cost $8 each, so $64 does the whole pen. I donít want to have to spend big money on some fancy custom made system. Iím hoping thereís some existing hardware that I can purchase so that I can fabricate a system that will work. Vinyl material from a fabric store is affordable (about $10/yard) and is 52 inches wide. Not quite wide enough to wrap the pen horizontally.

Iíd prefer not to have to spend hours installing metal grommets. If there were some snap-on framing available, that might be ideal. Especially if the frame could come apart for storage during the summer, and I could just fold up the vinyl and put it away until the cold weather set in again.

The vinyl has to be CLEAR to allow maximum daylight to get into the pen. (My three hens need daylight to keep laying eggs.)

bob22 09-01-2011 04:17 PM

Perhaps these things with some elastic cord zig-zagged around screws in the framing (like shoe laces are used to connect one side of shoe last to the other)?

josall 09-02-2011 04:50 PM

Make 16 panels that are 3'x6'. just use 1x3 or 1x4 for the frame and then you could affix the vinyl permanently to the frame with screen moulding.. then attach frame to your uprights with a screw in each corner. Cost would be under $175 and would pay for itself in 3 years. You could paint the frames to match. Might take 30 min. to put up and take down.

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