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What have I done 05-24-2007 09:17 PM

framing in roof over addition
I have gotten a lot of great advice from diychat and thought this would be a no brainer for seasoned framers/roofers.

The original house is only 16'6" wide, there was an addition on the backside with a flatroof. the addition is 9'1" I want to slope the roof over the addition.

my question is what size lumber should I use to fram the rafters? Would 2x6 suffice or should I go with 2x8"
here's what I got:
so on the front side of the house I have 8'3" to ridge with a 8/12 pitch

on the backside 9'1" was added so from the ridge to the outer rear wall is now 17'4"
I know the pitch will be shallower on the backside roughly about a 5/12.
The original trusses are the true 2x4" sized I know I need to use bigger dimmensional lumber with todays lumber.

I roughly calculated the length of the new rafter to be 19'4"
My question is will 2x6 be beefy enough using todays lumber (5 1/4") or should I pay the lil extra for overkill and go with 2x8" vbrep_register("46170")

Zero Punch 05-25-2007 07:50 PM

Your lumber yard should have span tables for the species and grade of the lumber they carry and give you the dimension you need for that span. Or do a "Google" for lumber span tables and you'll be able to do it yourself.

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