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rovers1973 04-11-2010 11:07 AM

Framing over concrete foundation (above ground)
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I just bought a house in Vancouver, BC, and I want to frame in my basement. I'd like to run a new stud wall from floor to ceiling inside the foundation wall (concrete is about 3' high back and sides, 1' high front). I've been reading up on insulation/vapour barrier over concrete, but everything I read seems to be aimed at below grade concrete walls. My house is built slab on grade and everything except about the bottom 6" of the back of the house is above grade.
The original had a poly vapour barrier over the batt insulation on top of the foundation and the concrete was painted in a lot of areas. In some spots they drywalled right down over the concrete (at the front of the house). There seems to be no moisture anywhere and no mold or staining on the back of the drywall we removed and it has been wet here lately.
Any recommendations? I've attached a pic of where its at right now.
ps: the wire in the pic is not attached to anything, just haven't removed it yet :)

Bob Mariani 04-11-2010 03:49 PM

if the entire wall is above grade you can treat it just like all other exterior walls. But the area where there is concrete would not have a weather barrier on the exterior. best to treat this with thoroseal or dryloc to stop minor moisture transfer. Then batt or dense-pack celloulose covered with poly or spray foam.

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