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WillK 08-31-2011 12:46 PM

Foundation wall project and spread footings
So as it turns out, my project to have a foundation wall built under the perimeter of the house will not be happenning until this spring due to financing issues. (Can't get a loan due to length of employment, they want 6 months of employment at the current joy, I have 2.)

With that in mind, I will be proceeding with the footings, posts and beams I have started. Before quoting the foundation wall, I had my first 2 footings poured for the beam (running east to west) on the north side of the house. I stopped there, anticipating that the foundation wall would provide the support I would otherwise get from this beam, and began working through footings for the beams that are away from the foundation wall at the middle of the house.

At this point, I want to get all beams in so I can support new floor joists and get the house levelled. The beams have been placed based on supporting 2x8 floor joists in place of the current undersized 2x6 joists, thus there is a 2" (roughly) gap to the joists.

I know a diagram would help with explaining the above, but I think this is peripheral to my question.

The information that is directly related to my question is this: My engineer specified 24"x24" footings with 10" depth spaced 7' on center. For the beams near the foundation wall, these impinge on the 12" wide zone where the foundation wall will be poured.

Will these footings need to be cut or removed if they impinge into the foundation wall, or can the wall be poured such that the footings are embedded into the wall? If the footings are to be imbedded into the wall, should I be constructing them with rebar sticking out of the footing where it will go into the future wall so as to ensure a mechanical connection?

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