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jblackburn 03-31-2011 02:06 PM

foundation repair
I had water in my basement about 6 months ago. After having everything dried and much of the basement torn out, we discovered the cause of the problem. The brilliant previous owner, put a hole in the foundation wall about 3/4" in diameter about 18" off the floor so that he could run wiring out to some low voltage lighting. This is where water and dirt have been seeping in, but a 5" rain caused much more water and dirt to come in. It looks like hydrolic cement is my answer, but I'm thinking I need to remove this wiring to get the hole clear. Then how do I get the hydrolic cement in such a small hole? Is the some type of tool to use? The basement waterproofing co. told me that to do it right we'd have to dig from the outside (this would be about 7 ft. of digging) and use some type of membrane on both the inside and outside? Not sure what this even is. To remove the wire, I'll have to dig down some but probably not as far. The waterproofing co. wanted to charge me $1700 to do the digging and repair the hole, but I'm hoping we can do this ourselves. Any advice?

jklingel 03-31-2011 10:20 PM

Have you taken care of the surface water drainage? Sloping dirt, gutters tails, etc. That is always #1. Were it mine, I'd start digging, clean the H out of the blocks, patch and damp proof, and fill 'er in. If there is naturally that much water around frequently, then I would think a trench w/ drain tile and gravel, pump if necessary, etc, is in your future.

jblackburn 03-31-2011 11:15 PM

outside drainage addressed already
Yes, outside drainage was the first thing we addressed. We sloped dirt away from house, adjusted downspouts, etc. The only time we had a significant amount of water was when we had 5" of rain overnight. Other than that it's been dry. Two weeks ago with 2.5" of rain we had just a wet spot down the wall and on the floor. If we didn't have floor and drywall removed, we wouldn't have even known it was there. We were actually going to do the whole trench thing but after finding this whole and seeing a small pile of dirt on the floor right below the hole, we decided not to do the trench. Our house is only 9 yrs. old with poured walls, so my understanding is that there is a drainage system outside the foundation. We're thinking that as long as we patch this hole right our problem should be solved.

Vincer 04-01-2011 06:28 PM

I'm no expert, but can you get some epoxy (like the stuff they set bolts into foundations with) and just inject it in the hole?

If you can get to the hole from the outside that would be awesome, but if you only have access to the inside, I would think that this would work...unless it will pop out due to expansion/contraction or something.

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