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newbiebuild 07-27-2006 11:43 PM

Foundation Help!!
Hey everyone, howdy! Everyone asks for details so I hope i will provide enuf here...I am building on to a place that someone really screwed up. They built a house section over a trailer and it was sold to my family w/o getting a permit. I live in northern florida and am in the lower wind zone of 100mph. 1st part: If i remove all of the trailer can I leave the metal frame in to act as huge beams for my house? I thought they would be stronger than anything else. 2nd part: I plan to make a solid foundation around this entire place. If I have to tear down most of it so be it. It already has a septic tank and well and I plan to capitalize on that. I am stuck at whether to pour a footer around the entire structure or piers? I would rather go the cheaper way. I have been told by some ppl that piers would work but i'm not sure how large I would have to pour them. The place is planned to be a one story wood frame house 24'x50'. Also, if I poured the footer I don't know how big it has to be either??? Surely it doesn't need to be more than foot deep?

My dad and my friends can help me with any problem I have from the sills up...I just need some foundation 1-on-1!!help,

MrNoMaintenance 07-31-2006 06:31 PM

Your building permit office can be a great source of free useful information specifically for your area. I canít imagine they will penalize you for having a house that was built with-out a permit, if you explain what you intend to do and that you want to do it (or re-do it in your case) right. My preference would be for a footing and here your permit office should be willing to tell you some sizes and depths you should be looking at.

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